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New song, FIGHT, is out and available on all digital platforms. 
Turn up the volume,play it and bang your heads!!!

























Great news everyone! We're finally releasing a new song. The song is called "Fight" and will be the first single from the upcoming album later this year.
More info wil come... Stay tuned!!!































We are proud to finally offer you the chance to buy Black Steam merch from our new partner Check it out from the link in the meny above.
















We are 
very happy to present Carl “Calle” Lidberg as our new Black Steam guitarist. Calle is a guitarist / singer with a wide range of experiences from different genres and will replace Jan Högström who was forced to quit due to osteoarthritis of the fingers. 
Calle started his career as a solo artist in the early 90's under the name Karl Banal and then he also participated in a big singing competition, "Sikta mot stjärnorna", on Swedish TV. Since then, he has performed in various constellations and genres both by himself and in bands. Calle is currently playing in another Linköping-based band called "Way of Life". In addition to being a talented guitarist, Calle also works as a songwriter and music producer and runs his own music studio. 
We think Calle will be a positive injection to Black Steam and his way of playing suits us perfectly. We are happy to start working with Calle and see what he will put into the band. Although we now have a new member, we will stick to the typical Black Steam sound based on classic heavy metal, but we are not afraid to develop the sound into whatever we think sounds good as long as we can identify our music as heavy metal. 
Black Steam is now at the end state of songwriting for the upcoming album, which was first planned to be released in 2021, but due to Jan Högström's departure, the release has been postponed until 2022. The first single with the new Black Steam line-up will be released in early 2022. And then we are really eager to get back on stage and play live again.