Jesper leaves Black Steam

Black Steam confirms that the band and Jesper Johansson are going their separate ways. Jesper has been a part of Black Steam since the end of October last year and worked on new material for upcoming record releases. "Unfortunately, it has turned out that we want to go a little different ways when it comes to songwriting and how we want to work in the band, so we have made a mutual decision to end our collaboration here and now. This will probably also affect the single release of new the song "Broken", but hopefully not with any longer delay "says Stefan Borg. The band will not for the moment put any effort into finding a replacement for Jesper, the highest priority is now to start recording new songs for an upcoming album.

BLACK STEAM met up for photo session

The band finally met for a quick photo session before the upcoming release of the new single - BROKEN.
Broken will be the first release since their EP release in the fall of 2019.
The singel will be the "outro" for guitarist Jan Högström who's been forced to quit playing guitar due to osteoarthritis in his fingers.
The singel was also ment to be the introduction of Jesper Johansson as the replacement of Jan, but since Jesper and the rest of the band deicided go separate ways this will not be the case.
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